About Us

Who made this film?

We are a team of powerful women, gender-expansive humans, and POC creatives passionate about representation in all forms of moving media, including the career spaces that we work in. Our goal is to disrupt the film industry towards inclusivity by being leaders and telling stories that matter to us.

Our Team

Here is a short creator video of the fantastic people involved in this project.

        Writer and Director Heather-Lynn Aquino
Producer Sophia Richard Producer/Coordinator Anatasia Gorelova
Designers Grace Poole, Jackie Doan, Juliet Park, Stephanie Lin, Yoyo Wang
Cell/2d Animators Amanda Huynh, Mary Vertulfo, Nataly Menjivar, PJ Kim, Rachel Yonda Compositor/2d Animator Jasper Hilgers
Composer Masao Yamate
Sound FX Jennifer Pague

          We made this film because representation matters to us. Not only are there two strong queer moms as the leads, but they are an Asian couple—one with their own set of problems, dreams, and aspirations. I also wanted to comment on how it can be challenging to share vulnerably especially coming from an Asian family. You don't want to burden anyone. 
Representation has become an essential part of my life because being seen can make a difference in your life. It gives you hope. It provides acknowledgment that you literally can do anything. This film showcases diverse points of view and inclusion, and we also brought that representation with the cast and crew, all women and gender-expansive humans. 

What did we learn through this process? Through this process of inclusivity and diversity in the team, we felt a connection that left us wanting to strive to do better for our community and our craft. We got to see what we are capable of as creatives that we can not only create this beautiful art together but also show us what our industry is lacking. Women and gender-expansive lead teams and stories.