Support The Film

Who made this film?

How do you support the film?

Share and follow us on Instagram @almostdarkfilm. Where you will see more behind the scenes/our journey as crew.
You financially help us out by donating money to our paypal account to help us continue making this film.


What do we hope to raise? 

We hope to raise an additonal $10,000 to $15,000 dollars for animators, compositors and sound and animation. Also if we want to go to film festivals. 

The project's current status is that we have a trailer and some preproduction done, which includes character design/development, script, and the overall look and feel of the film.

Where will the money go?

When it comes to animation, we diligently plan every piece of the process: from the preproduction with storyboards, the design of the characters, the backgrounds, animating frame by frame (yes like the good ol' Disney days) then after we have animated the scenes someone needs to put it together so we will need a compositor. As you may know, films without sound or music don't make a film, so we will also need a composer and sound designer/mixer. Each character will be recorded by POC voice actors who will make the animations grounded actors that represent them on screen.